Will End Up The Practice Of Judges Adjourning Bail Application For Many Weeks After Issuing ‘Rule Nisi’: Chief Justice Sunita Agarwal






A Chief Justice Sunita Agarwal of the Gujarat High Cout revealed that she will end up the practice of judges who adjourning bail applications for many weeks after issuing ‘rule nisi’.

Senior Advocate Asim Pandya stated that the practice performing by judges for adjourning bail application for two or more weeks and issuing ‘rule nisi’ in bail application needs to be reconsidered.  

Therafter, the Senior Advocate Yatin Oza also stated that as per the Gujarat High Court Rules, the bail application should be heard within 48 hours.

In response, chief justice revealed that she is already concerned about the said issue and has fixed a meeting with Advocate General of Gujarat Kamal Trivedi and Public Prosecutor Mitesh Amin on October 3.  

“You don’t worry. I am already working on this issue. I have fixed a meeting on October 3 with the AG and PP and will be taking up this with them. I too want to do away with this practice and I am taking this issue very seriously……………It is not as if the matters are heard on the first day itself. Sometimes they even get adjourned giving more time for the prosecutors to prepare for their arguments. I spoke to the PP but I did not got any positive response from the PP office and thus I will speak to the AG now”.

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