“Why Tolerance Of Hindu Is Being Put To Test?”: Allahabad HC blasts on Adipurush makers over controversial dialogues






The division bench of Justice Rajesh Singh Chauhan and Justice Shree Prakash Singh of Allahabad High Court asked the film makers of Adipurush that why the tolerance level of Hindu people is being put to the test.

The bench said that the central board of film certification should have done something about the movie before granting certificate.

“The one who is gentle should be suppressed? Is it so? It is good that it is about a religion, the believers of which did not create any public order problem. We should be thankful. We saw in the news that some people had gone to cinema halls (wherein the movie was being exhibited) and they only forced them to close the hall, they could have done something else as well”.

The bench further added that “Agar hum log ispar bhi aankh band kar len kyonki yeh kaha jaata hai ki yeh dharm ke log bade sahishnu (tolerant) hain to kya uska test liya jayega? (If we close our eyes on this issue also, because it is said that the people of this religion are very tolerant, so will it be put to test?)”.

 “The issue here  is that the way the movie has been made, there are some scriptures which are exemplary and are worthy of worship”.

The court further said that “Do the people who put the disclaimer consider the countrymen, and youth to be brainless? You show Lord Rama, Lord Laxman, Lord Hanuman, Ravana, Lanka and then say it is not Ramayana?”

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