“Why Shouldn’t We Use Indian Languages In Courts?”: Law Minister Kiren Rijiju






The Law Minister Kiren Rijiju while speaking at the event organized by the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa said that why we should not use Indian language in the courts.

“Why shouldn’t we use Indian languages in courts? We have told the Supreme Court as well. We are very keen on this. 5 High Courts are using Hindi. We have instant translation and transcription. We should think in Indian languages. Know all foreign languages, but thoughts should be Indian whether you have studied from Oxford, Harvard”.

Rijiju said that some lawyers do not posses’ knowledge but charges high fees just because they know English very well.

He also added about the need for more women judges in the judiciary.

“The collegium should take initiative to include more women in the judiciary as well as collegium”.

Rijiju further said that “There are a lot of debates going on. We should see what direction it’s going in. We have a dream of making India a completely developed nation by the centenary of our Independence in 2047, we will have to overcome the challenges while achieving that, however difficult they may be. But our biggest enemies in that are those who attack our democracy. And while attacking the democracy, these people raise questions on the system, of which the judiciary is a very important pillar.

When someone says the judiciary is getting weak means they are attacking the democracy of India. The democracy will be stronger only when the judiciary is stronger and independent. There can be no compromise on this. Some other government had tried to undermine this in the past. I don’t want to get into the politics of it. But when that government tried to do this, the people of the country did not support them. The foundation of the democracy is so strong, that whoever tries to shake that foundation will get removed himself.

But constantly saying that the Indian judiciary has been weakened and the Indian government is demolishing the democracy, and going abroad and talking about the government having captured the judiciary amounts to talking against the country.

A narrative is being created by these people, by leftist and most illiberal group of people. They are creating a narrative that the government is pressurising the judiciary. But I want to assure you that the government under the leadership of Modiji is running the government keeping interest of all you in mind and the government will not only take care of the independence of the judiciary but will further strengthen it”.

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