Truth Has Become Victim In An Age Of False News






Chief Justice of Indian, Justice DY Chandrachud while speaking at the American Bar Association India Conference 2023 on the theme “Law in the age of Gobalisation: Convergence of India and the West” said that truth has become victim in an age of false news.

“Truth has become the victim in an age of false news. With the spread of social media, something which is said as a seed germinates into virtually a whole theory which can be never be tested on the anvil of rational science”.

Justice said that the Indian Constitution is an example of golbatisation and when the constitution was drafted it’s makers had no idea that humanity would evolve in it.

“We did not possess notions of privacy, there was no internet. We did not live in a world which was controlled by algorithms. We certainly did not have a social media”.

 “For every little thing that we do, and believe me, as judges we are no exception to this, for everything that you do, you face the threat of being trolled by someone who does not share your point of view”.

CJI said that Indian judiciary started video conferencing in the period of COVID-19 and now it expanded all over the courts.

“What video-conferencing has done as a consequence of pandemic is that it has led to a decentralisation of justice. And I think this decentralisation of justice is an important paradigm in promoting greater access to justice,”

And what better way to reach out to our citizens than to use technology as a part of our mission to take justice to the doorsteps of citizens”.

 “But, apart from technology, there are vital issues which confront the profession today. Chief among them is the reform of the legal profession itself. In so many ways, our profession is still patriarchal, our profession is feudal, our profession is built upon kinships and relationships of community”.

Justice Chandrachud also mentioned about the women judges in the country. He asked, why we cannot have more women judges in the country. He also indicated statistics on recruitment in the district judiciary in India which states that there are more than 50% women are judges and the cause of that is the spread of education in India.

“As education spread in India, women education has gone up and there is today a perception on the part of middle class, the growing middle class in India, that the key to prosperity of an average Indian family is to educate their daughters”.

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