Those Who Are Spying For Pakistan Should Be Sent There: Sessions Court






A single bench of Justice A R Patel of city sessions court sentenced three men life imprisonment after holding them guilty of spying and supplying secret information to Pakistan’s ISI agents.

While sentencing them, justice called for sending such anti-national elements to Pakistan.

“Such people who indulge in espionage in India foe Pakistan should either voluntarily quit the country for Pakistan or the government should identify them and send them to Pakistan. The country is harmed by those who live in India and indulge in anti-national activities”.

“Sending them to Pakistan will stop the activity of spying on the Army and the country’s sovereignty and people’s security will remain intact”.

The three were arrested in 2012 for supplying information on the Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar cantonments and movements of the Army to ISI agents in Pakistan through e-mail.

The bench observed that the offence which is committed by them is against the nation. “It is an act that can harm the sovereignty and integrity of the nation. The victim here is not an individual, but an entire nation. And this enhances the gravity of the offence manifold”.

The court opined that “All accused persons live in India and earn their livelihood in this country, but they do not have love, affection and patriotic feelings for India. They have love and affection and loyalty towards Pakistan. This is obvious and as a result of this they were supplying secret information about Army movements to Pakistan-based ISI agents for three years. In return, they were getting lakhs from Saudi and Dubai. These accused caused great danger to the nation’s sovereignty, integrity and security. They have put their personal and Pakistan’s interest ahead and did not bother about the security of the 140crore people of India”.

The bench found Karamat Ali Fakir, Sahir Shaikh and Naushad Ali Saiyed guilty and ordered 14-years sentences for violating of the Official Secrets Act.

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