“The Common Man Should Feel That The Law Is His Own”: PM Narendra Modi






Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing at the inauguration of the Bar Council of India International Lawyers conference, emphasized the importance of simplifying legal language.

The theme of the conference is, ‘Emerging challenges in Justice Delivery System’.

PM Modi pointed out about the two ways of presenting laws.

  1. The language familiar to legal professionals.
  2. The language understood by common man.

He appreciated the Chief Justice of India Justice DY Chandrachud for his initiative to provide judgements in a language which litigants can understand.

He said that just as a doctor who communicates with a patient in a language what they understand, similarly, the legal system of India should communicate with the litigants and common man in a way that they understand.  

“The common man should feel that the law is his own. We are trying to find a solution to that. The language in which laws are written- plays a huge role in accessibility of justice”.

While paying tribute to the legal fraternity’s significant role in India’s for independence, he stated that the International Lawyers conference was a symbol of Bharat’s spirit of ‘Vasudev Kutumbakam’.

Further, he said may lawyers abdicated their law practice to join the independence movement.

He also stated about the recent initiative of India, for passing the Women’s Reservation Bill reserving its 1/3rd of the seats in State Legislative Assemblies and Parliament for Women.  

He also stated about the India’s commitment to becoming a developed nation by the year 2047.

He also attributed India’s growing global reputation to its independent judiciary.

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