Supreme Court Dismisses The Plea Filed By Two Lawyers From Gujarat Regarding The Investigation Into The Alleged Forgery Of Vakalatnama






Case Title: Sandipkumar M Patel vs State of Gujarat 

The Supreme Court declined to entertain a petition filed by two lawyers contesting a Gujarat High Court directive to launch an investigation into allegations of forging a vakalatnama.

Justices BR Gavai and Sandeep Mehta expressed their reluctance to intervene in the ongoing inquiry.

The petitioners argued that the High Court’s actions were taken hastily, casting doubt on the veracity of the allegations without requesting a formal report for verification. The petition further contended that the High Court’s ruling was unwarranted, neglecting the advocates’ inherent right to practice their profession under Article 19 of the Constitution, along with their entitlement to reputation and dignity under Article 21.

Justice Hasmukh D Sathar issued the disputed High Court order, instructing the initiation of a complaint against advocates Sandipkumar M Patel and Viral J Vyas during a case related to the release of a vehicle seized under the Gujarat Prohibition Act.

The plaintiff in the case disputed ever having employed the services of the aforementioned lawyers.

Consequently, the High Court mandated an inquiry into the matter to be overseen by an official of not lower rank than the court’s Deputy Registrar.

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