Srinagar Court Fines Traffic Officer Rs 1000 For Incorrectly Issuing E-Challan To The Wrong Vehicle






Case Title: Suhail Manzoor Bhat Vs SSP Traffic Srinagar

A Srinagar Court imposed a fine of Rs 1000 on a traffic officer for erroneously issuing a challan.

The court noted a deficiency in either the training provided to traffic police officers regarding the operation of the e-challan system or a lack of due diligence in the issuance of challans.

“It needs to be pointed out that e-challan system is not beir operative in accordance with the law governing the subject. It appears that either the traffic cops manning the system are not fully trained to operate the e- challaning system or traffic cops are not taking due care and caution at the time of initiation of e-challan. SSP Traffic (City), Srinagar is hereby directed to sensitize the traffic officials dealing with e-challaning system so that the innocent persons will not be forced to face difficulties in future”.

The case originated from an incorrect e-challan issued to a vehicle registered as JK01AL-2038 for a traffic infraction. Subsequently, it was revealed that the violation was, in fact, perpetrated by a vehicle sharing a similar registration number, JK01AF-2038. Challenging the traffic challan, the applicant contended that the error resulted in unwarranted inconvenience and financial strain.

Upon thorough examination of the evidence and arguments put forward, the court concluded that the e-challan was mistakenly issued due to the issuing officer’s unintentional error.

Upon reviewing the findings, the court not only dismissed the flawed e-challan but also mandated a compensation of Rs. 1000 to be disbursed to the applicant to alleviate mental distress, harassment, and cover legal expenses.

Furthermore, the court directed the responsible officer to exercise vigilance and prudence in issuing e-challans henceforth.

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