Right To Marry A Person Of Their Own Choice Is Protected Under The Constitution, Which Cannot Be Diluted In Any Manner: Delhi High Court






A single bench of Justice Tushar Rao Gedela of Delhi High Court held that recently held that the right to marry a person of their own choice is protected under the constitution, which cannot be diluted in any manner.

“The right of the petitioners to marry a person of their own choice is indelible and protected under the Constitution, which cannot be diluted in any manner whatsoever. Equally, the State is under a constitutional obligation to provide protection to its citizens”.

The petition was filed by the couple who got married against the wishes of their family members and now facing threats from them.

The Court noted that both the petitioners are major and the family members cannot object to their relation or matrimonial ties.

While noting that both the couples are major , justice directed to government to provide protection to both of them and to ensure that no harm befalls them from their family members.

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