Punjab & Haryana HC Granted Anticipatory Bail To A Man Who Is Accused Of Sharing Obscene Video Of His Wife With His Extra-Marital Partner






The single bench of Justice Gurbir Singh of Punjab and Haryana High Court granted anticipatory bail to a man who is accused of sharing obscene video of his wife with his extra-marital partner.

“Since the allegations against the petitioner-husband is that he prepared the obscene video and photographs of the complainant (his wife) and the said video and photographs were circulated by extra-marital lover to the complainant’s phone and it is not the case of the prosecution that the said photographs or video were circulated amongst the general public, so, petitioners are entitled for grant of anticipatory bail”.

The both husband and his extra-marital partner had been booked under the (IT Act) Information Technology Act for allegedly sharing obscene videos and photos of his wife.

The bench also granted anticipatory bail to the husband’s extra-marital partner.

The wife also alleged that her husband’s extra-marital partner was blackmailing and threatening her.

The court while giving anticipatory bail said that “Notices were issued to the petitioners under Section 41-A Cr.P.C., but the petitioners failed to join investigation. But there is nothing on record that they were properly served”.

Thus, the bench granted anticipatory bail to the both husband and his extra-marital partner on the condition that they would hand over their mobile phones to the police and join the investigation.

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