“Protect The District Judiciary Because She Is The Mother, If You Respect Her, She Will Treat You With Dignity”: Justice T S Sivagnanam






Acting Chief Justice T S Sivagnanam of Calcutta High Court while speaking at the stone laying ceremony of the new court in the Alipurduar district requested the lawyers to protect the district judiciary as she is like mother.

“I request each member of the Bar, both Seniors and Juniors to protect the District Judiciary because she is the mother, if you respect her, she will treat you with dignity. It is your duty to protect the courts because you cannot practice law on the banks of river Ganges. You need courts, therefore, protect the courts, protect the judges, protect the litigants and definitely you will be rewarded”

ACJ further said that there is a responsibility of the bar to assist everyone “The President, Secretary and members of the Bar, please mark my words, bifurcation will improve the work, bifurcation will improve the efficiency. Since Majority of the population are from the downtrodden community, there is a great responsibility on the part of the Bar to assist them, alleviate their grievances and try to reach the last man of the corner of the district. Of course the Bench will support you.”

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