Police Protection Granted To Same-Sex Interfaith Couple By Delhi HC Who Are Facing Threats From Family Members






A single bench of  Justice Rajnish Bhatnagar of Delhi High Court granted police protection to a same-sex interfaith couple who are facing threats from the family members.

The advocate appearing for the petitioners submitted that one of the petitioner is Hindu and other one is Muslim and both of them are adult, they want to stay together but the family members of Hindu petitioner were threatening them and further asked for police protection for the couple as well as the members of the Muslim girl’s family.

The bench ordered the local SHO  to provide their contacts to the couple so that they can contact him in case of distress call is made.

The petitioners submitted that the Hindu girl’s family members are against their relationship and also tried to marry her to a boy against her wishes.

The girl was forcibly taken to Uttar Pradesh but later she was recovered by Delhi Commission for Women.

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