“Neither Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb Was Cruel, Nor Did He Demolish Any Lord Adi Vishweshwar Temple In Varanasi”: Gyanvapi Mosque Committee To Varanasi Court






On an application opposing Hindu worshippers plea, Gyanvapi Mosque committee said that “Neither Mughal emperor Aurangzeb was cruel, nor did he demolish any Lord Adi Vishweshwar Temple in Varanasi”.

The Masjid committeehas denied the averment made in the Hindu Worshippers plea that old Lord Adi Vishweshwar temple was attacked and destroyed by a Muslim invader.

The application states that “The structure or building which is present on the spot, Masjid Alamgiri / Gyanvapi Masjid, has been there for thousands of years, it was a mosque yesterday and is still a mosque, and the Muslims of Varanasi and neighbouring districts, as a matter of right, without any restrictions, have been offering Namaz Panjgana and Namaz Zuma and Namaz Idaan”.

The committee has also objected to the Hindu worshippers plea calling Muslim rulers as invaders.

The Masjid committee further stated that contrary to the no Shiva Linga was found inside the Gyanvapi Mosque premises and the object that is being claimed by the Hindu worshippers to be a Shiva Linga, is actually a Fauvara (Fountain).

The Masjid committee in its application prays for the rejection of the Hindu worshiper’s plea seeking survey of the mosque premises.

The bench said “I am of the opinion that it will be expedient in the interest of justice that all the suits mentioned above…should be tried together and may be consolidated and all these suits and proceedings shall be decided upon the evidence in any of such suits or proceedings and Civil Suit No.693/2021 (New Number O.S. No.-18/2022) Smt. Rakhi Singh and others Versus State of U.P. and others shall be the leading case and evidence shall be recorded in the leading case”.

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