Man Finds One Biscuit Less In His Packet, Gets Compensation Of Rs 1 Lakh






A consumer court has directed ITC Limited, to pay Rs 1 lakh compensation to a consumer named- P Dillibabu resident of Chennai, who claimed that he found only 15 biscuits in the packs of 16 each.

According to the reports, man had purchased 24 packets of ‘Sun Feast Marie Light’ biscuits. However, he claimed that, upon opening the packets of the biscuit he discovered that one of the 16 biscuit packs contained only 15.

He further said that, he approached the ITC for an explanation but failed to received any satisfactory response.

Thereafter, he complained before the consumer court by saying that ITC manufactures approximately 50 lakh packets daily and each biscuit was priced at 75 paise.

He accused ITC of swindling consumer out of RS 29 lakh each day through this alleged misrepresentation.

ITC replied that, the product was sold on the basis of weight not the number of biscuits per pack and the advertised net weight of the biscuit was 76 grams.

After the examination, the commission found that the actual net weight of the product was 74 grams but not 76 grams.

The commission held ITC guilty of engaging in “unfair Trade Practice”  and ruled in the favour of the man.

The bench also directed to pay Rs 1 lakh compensation to a man.

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