Madras High Court Granted Anti-Bail To Students Who Were Charged For Committing Violence In The School Premises






A single bench of Justice RMT Teeka Raman of Madras High Court granted anticipatory bail to a group of students who were charged for committing violence in the school premises.

The students were booked for the offence punishable under Section 147, 148, 447, 294(b), 323, 324 of IPC along with Section 3(2) of the Tamil Nadu Public Property (Prevention of Damage and Loss) Act.

The case of the prosecution is that there was a retreat function celebrated at Montfort Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, Yercaud, and there was a rivalry between the 12th standard students and 10th standard students in connection with the issue of whose song has to be played first. In the said incident, there was a push and pull. The 12th standard students tresspassed into the hostel area of the 10th standard and had wordy quarrel.

However, after coming to know about the incident, the Principal informed about the incident to the police of the concerned station and the student went away with his brother to his home. On 07.08.2023, all the petitioners and the other accused entered into the school without getting permission and assaulted the watchman and entered the class room while the class was going on. Students and Teachers suffered injuries and the school properties were damaged.

The bench while granting bail, directed the students to clean the classrooms and to prepare a note on non-violence from the excerpts of Mahatma Gandhi, educational schemes promoted by the former Chief Minister Mr.K.Kamraj and on dream and vision of Dr.Abdul Kalam.

Further, the bench also added that the article should not be copy-pasted from the Google.

The bench said that “School is situs for transformation of personality traits and for reformation via love and disciple. Education is a platform for acquisition of knowledge, as as knowledge is power. The concept of “uniform, as, dress code”, noval idea as envisaged by Thiru K.Kamraj, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu was aimed at exclusion of exclusivity of economical variation amongst students; who took the education to the masses and rendered unparalleled educational services. Forget not, He, the great leader had no formal education, due to family circumstances. It appears that “on-line education” has failed, in all front, to incalculate “value based education”, which is a hallmark for human evolution”.

While granting bail to the students, bench ordered that “Accordingly, all the petitioners are ordered to be released on bail in the event of arrest or on their appearance, subject to the following conditions –

(a) all the petitioners are required to appear before the Head Master of the Montfort Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, Yercaud and each of the petitioner shall execute a bond for a sum of Rs.1000/-.

(b) to clean and keep the classrooms (not less than 4 class room for each person) clean including black board, table, bench and the floor for a week and also.

 (c) spend time in the school library and e-library to prepare notes by handwritten (not less than four pages) on – (i) non-violation from excerpts of Mahatma Gandhi (ii) educational schemes promoted by the former Chief Minister Mr.K.Kamraj and (iii) dream and vision of Dr.Abdul Kalam.

 (d) Such articles prepared by all the four students in the above topics have to be handed over to the School Principal with a direction to the School Principal to host the said articles in the school website for one year.

 (e) Care should be exercised for, the petitioners shall not make cut – copy – paste from google.

(f) Each of the petitioners shall deposit a sum of Rs.2,000/- to the school (Montfort Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, Yercaud) account, on or before 10.10.2023.

(g) On such competition, the said School Principal shall report the compliance of the above stated conditions to this Court.

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