“Madam, aapne khudko bahut maintain rakha hai. .aapka figure bahut achcha hai.. kya ma’am, mere saath bahar jaane ke baare mai kuch socha ki nahi? Mumbai court denied bail to two men for outraging the modesty of a woman






A Mumbai court denied anticipatory bail to two men who is accused  of outraging the modesty of woman after they allegedly told two of their female colleagues to come out with them and for using filthy language towards them.

The complainant complained against their sales managers for allegedly asking them out.

The facts of the two cases arose after two female executives of a real estate company complained against their sales managers. 

The complaint stated that their managers allegedly said that,

“Madam, aapne khudko bahut maintain rakha hai. . . aapka figure bahut achcha hai… kya ma’am, mere saath bahar jaane ke baare mai kuch socha ki nahi? (Madam, you have maintained yourself. . . your figure is very beautiful… have you thought about going out with me)?”

Both of the men were booked under Sections 354, 354A, 354Dand 509 of the Indian Penal Code. 

The anticipatory bail was filed by both of the men before the sessions court where as session judge observed that the offence is serious and against the woman on the working place.

“No doubt, the offence is serious and against the woman wherein the present applicant/accused along with the other accused alleged to have been outraged the modesty and uttered such filthy language towards the complainant on the working place and tried to pressurize the complainant and employers,” the order said.

While denying the bail to both the accused, justice held that “There are several aspects involved in the present case whereby the custodial interrogation of the present applicant/accused is indeed essential otherwise the right to interrogate the present applicant/accused by the investigation Officer would be taken away which would certainly affect the case of the prosecution & ultimately the case of the complainant on merit”.

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