Lawyers And Litigants Now Have Access To Supreme Court Case Information Via WhatsApp






The Supreme Court of India recently disclosed its decision to integrate WhatsApp with its Information and Communications Technology services.

Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud unveiled this initiative, emphasizing its significance in enhancing access to justice. The integration of WhatsApp messaging with ICT services aims to streamline communication within the legal community. Advocates will receive automated notifications regarding case filings, while all members of the bar will promptly receive causelists upon publication.

The Court’s official WhatsApp contact number is 8767687676.

Chief Justice Chandrachud highlighted that this integration marks a pivotal shift towards digitalization, promoting eco-friendly practices by reducing paper usage. Moreover, expanding access to legal resources, particularly for lawyers and individuals in remote areas, underscores the Court’s commitment to inclusivity.

Furthermore, the Chief Justice mentioned plans to migrate all services to Meghraj cloud 2.0, developed by the National Informatics Centre. This strategic move aims to transition the Supreme Court and e-courts project online, enabling courts nationwide to leverage digital platforms effectively.

Notably, data security is ensured by storing information on servers located within India, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

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