“Lawyer Plays An Important Role In Building Society And Nation”: Justice BR Gavai






Supreme Court judge Justice BR Gavai, while speaking at the inauguration of Indian Law Society (ILS) law college centennial celebration, urged that law is not just a profession. Lawyers should possess empathy.

“Law is not a profession. Lawyer plays an important role in building society and nation. Therefore, when you practice as a lawyer or decide as a judge, the one quality that you should not forget is empathy. When you lose empathy and treat law only as a profession, then the satisfaction that you will get by arguing a case with empathy will be lost and no amount of money would compensate”.

Justice Gavai while addressing students said that “One should imbibe Constitutional morality along with legal education because that will make you better citizen and also help the nation in building a society that framers of constitution had envisioned when the prepared the Constitution of India after laborious work”.

Justice Gavai urged the students to follow the seven lamps of advocacy, given by English judge, Justice Edward Abbott Parry.

Justice urged to follow the seven lamps of advocacy which is given by justice Edward Abbott Parry. They are wit, judgement, courage, honesty, industry, eloquence and fellowship.

“Avenues at our times were limited. But now horizons are much wide, you get selected in campus placement itself. We had to struggle in junior days to practice. The bare survival of initial days and practice was very difficult. but now trend has changed. Even seniors pay their juniors atleast for their bare maintenance”.

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