Kerala High Court Updated Its Dress Code For Female Judges, It Is Now Permissible To Wear Salwar Kameez, Shirts and Trousers






The Kerala High Court has updated its dress code for the female judges. The circular issued on October 7 stating about the modification made in the dress code.  In addition to saree and blouse, woman judges now will have the option of wearing a salwar kameez, shirt and trouser.

The following dress shall be worn by the Lady judicial officers according to the circular.  

  1. White colour saree with black collar blouse with full/half sleeves and stiff/soft bands and collars with black gown as requires, as worn at present.
  2. White salwar (full or half sleeves), with high nech/collar, white or black kameez of modest fit and covering ankle, with black fulls sleeved coat/black vest with soft/stiff collar and bands and gowns as required.
  3. White full sleeved high neck blouse/shirt with collar, along with modest full ankle length trousers/skirts in black with stiff/soft collar and bands and black full sleeved coat/black vest with soft/stiff collar and bands, and gown as required.
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