Kerala Bar Council Objected To Justice A Badharudeen For Denying An Adjournment Request By An Injured Lawyer And Raised The Issue With The Chief Justice






The Bar Council of Kerala has recently forwarded a letter to the Chief Justice of the Kerala High Court, expressing apprehension regarding a recent incident where a High Court judge allegedly declined an adjournment plea from a lawyer who was suffering from a severe back injury.

Describing this incident as concerning, the chairman of the Bar council of Kerala urged Chief Justice AJ Desai to take measures to prevent such occurrences in the future, underscoring the significance of treating legal practitioners with courtesy and esteem.

The incident under scrutiny occurred earlier this month when Justice A Badharudeen reportedly dismissed a request for adjournment made by advocate Jayakumar Namboodiri TV, citing a crucial doctor’s appointment for his severe back injury.

The letter from the BCK emphasized that the lawyer’s plea was disregarded without compassion by the High Court judge, despite no objection from the opposing counsel. The BCK described the incident as “highly deplorable” in their correspondence.

The Bar Council has expressed concerns regarding reported mistreatment of members within Justice Badharudeen’s Court, noting similar grievances among other High Court Bar members.

The communication also cited complaints of misconduct involving presiding officers within the district judiciary. Emphasizing the critical need to promptly address such incidents to uphold the integrity and credibility of the judicial system, the letter underscored the pivotal role of advocates as officers of the court and stressed the importance of treating them with dignity both within and beyond the courtroom.

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