Karnataka High Court Quashed Proceedings Against A Man Who Allegedly Posted A Slogan ‘Pakistan Zindabad’






The bench of Justice V Shrishananda of Karnataka High Court quashed criminal proceedings against a man who allegedly posted a slogan ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ in his Facebook Page.

Justice pointed out that 196(1)(A) of CRPC (Criminal Procedure Code) is necessary before a magistrate takes cognizance of offences punishable under Section 505 of IPC (Indian penal Code).

The Judge said “However, quashing of thye order dated July12, 2021 will not prevent the investigating agaency(from) complying (with) the provisions of section 196 of CrPC and investigate the matter afresh in accordance with law”.

The police stated that Basha posted on his Facebook Page a message wherein purportedly a soldier of Pakistan was conversing with a woman that ‘Har dil ki awaaz Pakistan Zindabad’.

Police said such messages would amount to insulting soldiers, disturbing peace and demoralizing soldiers.

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