It Is Difficult For Woman To Live Alone After Live-In Relationship Ends: Allahabad High Court






Case title: Aditya Raj Verma vs State

A single bench of Justice Siddharth of Allahabad High Court granted bail to the man who was arrested for not fulfilling his promise to marry the woman who had been his live-in partner.

Justice noted that it is very difficult for a woman to live alone after her live-in relationship ends in Indian society.

As per the prosecution, the woman was earlier married to another man and also she had two sons. Later she went to the present applicant (man) and started a live-in relationship for over a year. And, when she became pregnant, she revealed it to the applicant but the applicant refused to marry her.

Woman lodged an FIR against the applicant alleging that he used to send objectionable photographs to her ex-husband which results that he denied to accept her. He was also booked under section 376 (committing rape) and 406 (breaching trust) of Indian Penal Code.

The advocate for the applicant submitted that the woman was not a minor and she entered into live-in relationship with the applicant willingly and also there was no allegation that the following relationship started with the promise of marriage.

The order stated that “This is one case where the disastrous consequences of live-in relationship have come on the scene. It is difficult for a woman to live alone after breaking off a live-in relationship. The Indian society at large does not recognise such a relationship. The woman, therefore, is left with no option but to lodge first information report against her live-in partner, like in the present case”.

Court granted bail to the applicant, after hearing every side of the case.

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