Human Intelligence Cannot Be Replaced By Artificial Intelligence (AI): Justice Arvind Kumar






Justice Aravind Kumar of Supreme Court during a discussion on the role of Artificial Intelligence in transforming the legal landscape in the International Lawyers’ Conference hosted by the Bar Council of India, said that human intelligence cannot be replaced by Artificial Intelligence.

“It (AI) cannot be a replacement for human intelligence. Human intelligence can never be replaced by robotic Intelligence, understand that. What potential it has in governance of law? It has a lot of potential, especially for those countries with huge arrears and backlog of cases as with Indian judiciary. Till now, tackling it was solely dependent on human efforts. Now deep neural networks, ML, e-dictionaries etc can be employed”.

Justice said that AI can reduce the time taken by judges to shift through lengthy petitions, further he added that it can also be used to speedily translate the documents and case records.

Further, Justice Kumar said “Every coin has two sides and AI has many benefits to be reaped. We have to avoid disastrous consequences”.

He said the unlawful actions by AI will also have to be considered by the lawmakers. The extensive use of AI could also harm data privacy.

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