“Guru Or Teachers Are Considered As God In This Country”: Karnataka High Court






Case Title: C Manjunath vs State of Karnataka

A single bench of Justice Umesh M Adiga of Karnataka High Court while denying bail to a teacher who is accused of sexually harassing his minor girl student, said that teachers are considered as god in this country and respected like a god, but because of the teacher’s behaviour towards minor girls leads parents to think twice about sending their girl child to the school.

“The alleged offence are heinous in nature. Mercilessly, without thinking his status and position in the society, he has sexually harassed students who were studying in IV and V classes. Guru or teacher are considered as God in this Country and respected like a God. However because of alleged behaviour of the petitioner, even the parents think twice about sending of their girl child to the school”.

The bench observed that the offences were heinous in nature and that the petitioner, without considering his position and status in society as a teacher, allegedly sexually harassed minor students.

The council for the teacher submitted that the petitioner (teacher) has been falsely implicated in the said case. There is no sufficient evidence to believe that he has committed alleged offence.

The state appearing for the respondent submitted it is not a fit case to grant a bail to the petitioner. The petitioner has committed heinous offences it is not against one or two girl child but several girl child, also he used to threaten them.

The Court noted that there was no reason for the survivors  to make false statements against the petitioner, further added that it is not a crime against individual but crime against a society.

The bench while denying bail to the accused said that petitioner does not deserve to be released on bail.

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