Gujarat University Not To Allot Any Students To Affiliated Law Colleges Till June 28, Directs Gujarat High Court






Justice Nikhil S Kariel of Gujarat High Court directed Gujarat University to not to allot any student to any law colleges affiliated with Gujarat University till 28th June.  

“Till the next date of hearing, the Gujarat University is directed not to allot any students to any of the law colleges affiliated with Gujarat University”.

The petition was filed by a law college stating that Bar Council of India without inspecting de-recognized their grant-in aid institution.

The counsel for the petition submitted that they had been sending payment for inspection to Bar Council of India but they were not coming for the inspection.

“There is a gap…State government has its own procedure and BCI insists this. Management is torn between the two…” the counsel submitted.

In the meantime, to prevent students from opting to attend self-financed institutions, the allotment process of LLB was ordered to be put on hold till the 28th June.

Senior Advocate SI Nanavati, Prakash Jani and Advocate Mrugen Purohit appeared for the petitioner college, Advocate Manan Shah appeared for the Bar Council of India . Advocate Vikas Nair was appeared for the Gujarat University.

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