Parents Can’t Interfere With The Right To Freedom Of Their Children, Who Has Attained The Majority, In Choosing A Partner: Allahabad High Court






A single bench of Justice Surendra Singh of Allahabad High Court held that no person including parents shall be permitted to interfere in the peaceful live-in relationship of children.

“No person, including their parents or anyone acting on their behalf, shall be permitted to interfere in their peaceful live-in-relationship”.

The plea was moved by an interfaith couple seeking a direction to the private respondent not to interfere in their peaceful living.

The counsel appearing for the couple submitted that both the couple were major and residing together peacefully out of their own will.  

The bench held that the couple is at liberty to live together and further added that any disturbance occurred in their peaceful living, they can approach the Superintendent of Police.

Justice said “It is clear that a boy or girl, who have attained majority, is free to marry or live with a person of his/her choice and no one including his/her parents or anyone on their behalf can interfere in their right to freedom of choosing a partner which emanates from Right to Life and Personal Liberty guaranteed under Articles 19 and 21 of the Constitution of India”.

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