Delhi High Court Ordered Counselling For Parents To Prepare Them To Accept Their Lesbian Daughter As Her Wishes






A division bench of Justices Suresh Kumar Kait and Neena Bansal Krishnaof Delhi High Court ordered in a Habeas Corpus petition, for counselling of the parents of a lesbian woman to prepare them to accept their daughters as per her wishes.  

“It is further directed that parents of ****** shall also be counselled at least on an alternative day to prepare them to accept ****** as per her wishes. The parents and maternal uncle are directed to approach the aforesaid shelter home [Shakti Shalini Shelter Home] on 23.08.2023 at 11:00 am for counselling, who shall be counselled by the Director and if they wish for further counselling, they shall be counselled accordingly, on the alternate days, thereafter”.

The woman’s partner informed the court that her parents were against her relationship, therefore, she expressed her wish to go with her partner or to the shelter home as she was not ready to go with her parents. stated that she was not ready to go with her parents.

Her parents agreed to send her to the shelter home, therefore the bench sent her to the shelter home and directed to counselling for her parents to accept

The Court, therefore, sent her to the shelter and ordered counselling for her as well. It further cautioned her parents and relatives not to extend any threat or pressure upon her or her partner.

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