Calcutta HC Rejects PIL Proposing Mandatory Class XII Completion For Muslim Girls Before Marriage






The Chief Justice TS Sivagnanam and Justice Hiranmay Bhattacharyya of the Calcutta High Court rejected a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) that urged State authorities to consider a proposal suggesting that Muslim girls should not marry until they complete Class XII.

The Bench ruled that the representation submitted to the Minister of School Education could not be entertained.

The petition was submitted by Nazia Elahi Khan, who informed the Court that governmental authorities had not responded to her request to enforce a requirement for all Muslim girls to complete at least Class XII before entering into marriage.

The khan stated in her plea that this issue has a significant impact on the general public, particularly the Islamic community stated Khan in her plea. She highlighted the challenge faced by Muslim girls in pursuing education up to Class XII, as societal norms often prioritize early marriage for them.

According to the petitioner, young girls from the Muslim Community are frequently wedded upon reaching puberty or adolescence, typically around the age of twelve. Khan submitted a representation expressing concern over the lack of action taken by the State authorities since then.

She emphasized that the absence of proactive measures has exacerbated the plight of Muslim girls, further marginalizing them in society.

While dismissing the plea, the bench stated, “In any event, this pertains to a policy matter. No mandamus as sought for can be issued. Dismissed”.

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