Bombay High Court Allows Man On Death Row To Attend Daughter’s Wedding Under Police Escort






Case Title: State of Maharashtra v. Sunil Rama Kuchkoravi

Division Bench of Justices AS Gadkari and PD Naik allowed a man, who was sentenced to death for killing his mother and removing her organs to eat them, to attend his daughter’s wedding albeit with police escort.

The Court stated that though it was not inclined to grant him temporary bail, it allowed his release for a period of three days with police escort, to attend the wedding and be brought back to the jail. The man is awaiting the court’s decision on the confirmation of the death sentence handed down to him by the Kolhapur sessions court.

The man was convicted for brutally murdering his mother and taking out her organs with an intention to eat them. The trial court, had in 2021, held that the case fell under the rarest of rare category and sentenced him to death.

The bench was hearing an interim application in a conviction case wherein the court was informed that the death row convict sought temporary bail to attend his daughters’ wedding.

The counsel for  the applicant stated that the applicant, Kuchkoravi, was known to be an amiable person before he had murdered his mother and taken out her organs so that he could cook and consume them. He further stated that though the motive of the murder was not known, the convict had been suffering bouts of headache and hence, used to consume alcohol. He had committed the act in an inebriated state and that’s why people, who knew him, were shocked to learn about his heinous crime as he had no previous record or criminal antecedents.

The trial court in July 2021 had, however, taken the view that the act fell under the rarest of rare category and hence, Kuchkoravi, the applicant deserved to be hanged till dead. The state government had filed a confirmation case in the High Court  in the same month.

After hearing applicant’s submissions, the bench said it was not inclined to grant temporary bail but would allow the applicant to be taken to the wedding of his daughter with a police escort.

“We are allowing him to be taken out of prison for three days only because it is his daughter’s wedding,” the court said in its order.

When the counsel for the applicant submitted that the applicant was poor and could not afford to pay the escort charges, the court said it would direct the concerned authorities to exempt him from paying the same and disposed of the interim application.

Story Update By: Ms. Sai Sushmitha, Correspondent at Lawgic.

Edited By: Ms. Nandini Nair, Content-Head at Lawgic

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