Allahabad High Court Granted Bail To A 16-Yr-Old Who Is Accused Of Killing His Mother For Not Letting Him Play PUBG






Case Title: Juvenile ‘X’ (Minor) Through His Father vs State of Uttar Pradesh

A single bench of Justice Shree Prakash Singh of Allahabad High Court granted bail to a 16-year-old boy who is accused of killing his mother with his father’s licensed pistol for not letting him play the online game PUBG.

Justice in its order stated that there are no eye witness in the instant matter and the FIR (First information report) which has been lodged by the grandmother of the revisionist and she is also not an eye witness.

“The revisionist was 16 years 8 months and 7 days at the date of the incident and that is evident from the impugned order of the Juvenile Justice Board. Thus, it is established that the revisionist is a juvenile…Further, so far as the merit of the case is concerned, the FIR has been lodged by the grandmother of the revisionist and she is not an eye witness. The other witnesses are also not the eye witnesses in the instant matter and only on hearsay basis”.

The bench took a note while granting bail to an accused that “revisionist is in child protection home since 08.06.2022 and it has been undertaken by the father of the revisionist who is the guardian that he will keep vision over the revisionist and the revisionist will observe good conduct and behaviour”.

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