Advocate Should Argue The Matter Instead Of Merely Reading Out From The Petition: Gujarat High Court






A division bench of Chief Justice Sunita Agarwal and Justice Aniruddha Mayee of Gujarat High Court pulled up an advocate by saying that it is a criminal waste of judicial time, for simply reading out from the petition.

Justice said that “Reading the entire writ petition would be a criminal waste of judicial time. In the name of justice, you cannot insist this court to read the entire petition”.

The counsel responded that the courts are meant to deliver justice. Court cannot bypass such reading of petition in the name of the Justice.

Chief justice Agrawal replied that “Please do not take undue liberty. We are very well aware and understand that courts are meant to deliver justice to litigants. Stop creating a scene here now”.

The petition pertains to the acquisition of land, wherein it is contended by the petitioner that they were land owners who were aggrieved by a compensation award passed by the acquisition authorities.

The bench asked the counsel that if he could place on record the acquisition notification  so that it would clarify that the land were part of the acquisition proceedings or not.

The counsel urged the court to let him read from the document in the petition and to have some patience.

The bench said that it can be only ascertained with the acquisition notification if the land is not a part of the acquisition. Further asked, where are those notification.

“If you are not going to answer our query, we will decide it in our own way. Please make out a case first by arguing and not by referring to some documents. If land is not part of the acquisition, it can be ascertained only from acquisition notifications. Where are those notifications? Why have you not brought those notifications on record?”.

The bench while adjourning the matter, asked the counsel to not to disrespect the court and come back to the next hearing by fully preparing it.

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