18-Yr-Old Approaches SC For Increase In His Board Exams Score From 98% to 99%






Case Title: Khalone Devaiah Mc vs Ritesh Kumar Singh and ors

An 18-year-old boy named- Khalone Devaiah moved to the Supreme Court of India challenging the Karnataka High Court order that dropped contempt proceedings against concerned officials and for getting the benefit of re-evaluation to take the percentage up to 99%.

Devaiah has scored following marks in Pre-University Exams:

English: 90/100

Biology: 99/100

Physics: 100/100

Chemistry: 100/100

Mathematics: 100/100

Kannada: 98/100

Devaiah had calculated that he would gain the marks lost in the subject Biology and in English after accessing the copies of the answer sheets.

In the response, the Pre-University Education Board said that there was no chance for a change of his marks as he had already applied for the re-evaluation.

Thus, aggrieved by the decision of the pre-university educational board, he moved before the High Court, where the High Court ordered the board to consider the application of the student-Devaiah, while keeping the question of law open.

After there was a delay on the part of the authorities, the student again moved an application before the High Court, where the High Court directed that a status report to be furnished.

After that, the same was not done by the authorities and also, they refused to alter the marks of the concerned student, he moved a contempt plea before the High Court.

The High Court said that there was no legal provision to indicate revised marks as a supplement to the existing grade sheet and disposed of the matter.

A bench of Justice BR Gavai and Justice Aravind Kumar of the Supreme Court of India sought the response of the officials of the State Examination department and State Government for the said matter.

The advocate for the student submitted that, as the cut-offs of the reputed college are high, the marks are needed for the admissions.

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