Getting Government Job is Not Just A Dream But Also A Sign Of Being Winner And Success, says Punjab & Haryana High Court






The bench of Justice Anoop Chitkara of Punjab and Haryana High Court while denying anticipatory bail to a man who is accused of duped another man with a promise of getting job in Indian Army observed that getting government job is not just a dream but also a sign of being winner ans success and thugs have started exploiting this weakness of people and getting easy prey.

According to the complaint, man tod that they were retired from Indian Army and could get his son job in Indian Army too for sum of Rs. 5 laks and thus man hand over Rs 3 lakhs to them but accused did not provided any job as per promised.

Man allegedly booked under section 420 and 120B of Indian Penal Code.

The court said “The ground reality is that thyere is a massive difference in the salaries of euivalent jobs at the lower rung, in the government sector and private sector, and also with the highset level of job security, irrespective of performance in the government sector and productivity linked job that too at the will of the employer in the private sector. Consequently, getting government jobs is not just a dream but also a sign of being a winner and success, making the end more important that the means. Thugs have started exploiting this weakness and getting easy prey”.

Case: Ajit Singh vs State of Punjab

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