CYBERBULLYING – Virtual Offence with real repercussions

Technology implies that harassing is not, at this point restricted to schools, colleges, or streets. Cyberbullying can happen at any place, even at home, using cell phones, messages, writings, and online life, 24 hours per day, with conceivably many individuals included. Cyber bullies utilize advanced technology to pester, compromise, or embarrass you. In contrast to customary tormenting, cyberbullying doesn’t expect eye to eye contact and isn’t constrained to only a bunch of observers one after another. It likewise doesn’t require physical force or quality in numbers.

Cyberbullying is that harassment which takes place utilizing electronic technology and correspondence. Instances of cyberbullying include mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and humiliating pictures, recordings, sites or fake profiles.

Reasons why Cyberbullying is a Concern

  • Permanence: The abuse, remarks or pictures can be protected by the individual who was tormented or by others so the casualty may peruse or see them again and again and the mischief is re-caused with each reading or survey.
  • Crowd size: The size of the crowd that can view or access the harming material builds the casualty’s embarrassment.
  • Social Networking: Social systems administration locales, for example, Facebook and MySpace permit digital harassers to take part in crusades against a specific individual which may include numerous others.
  • Speed: The speed at which hurtful messages can contact enormous crowds likewise has a significant impact in making cyberbullying so harming to the objectives.

Types of Cyber-bullying

  • Harassment: Harassment is a sustained, constant and purposeful type of bullying including damaging or compromising messages sent to a youngster or to a group. This is an extremely risky type of cyberbullying. It can have genuine ramifications on a person’s prosperity. The messages are commonly unkind or malevolent, can affect their confidence and certainty, and can make them frightful. The constant informing implies that there is no reprieve from the cyberbully. The cyberbullying puts forth outrageous attempt to cause dread and pain.
  • Cyberstalking: This type of cyberbullying can reach out to the cyberbully making genuine dangers to a person’s physical prosperity as well as security. Cyberstalking can likewise allude to the act of grown-ups utilizing the Internet to contact and endeavor to meet with youngsters for sexual purposes. It is an extremely risky type of cyberbullying and can have genuine outcomes if something isn’t done promptly to stop it.
  • Trolling: Trolling is the deliberate demonstration of inciting a reaction using abuse or awful language on online gatherings and social networking sites. The troll will personally assault a person and put them down. Their fundamental point is to drive them sufficiently crazy to act similarly. Trolls invest their energy searching for weak individuals to put down. Generally they are hoping to cause themselves to feel great by causing others to feel awful.
  • Fraping: Fraping is the point at which someone logs into your social media account and imitates a person’s action by posting wrong substance in their name. Fraping is an intense offense, which numerous individuals accept to be amusing and engaging, yet it’s definitely not. Mimicking someone on the web and demolishing their notoriety can have genuine results. Recall Google always remembers so everything impolite or in any case posted online will never be completely gone, regardless of whether erased.
  • Catfishing: Catfishing is the point at which someone else takes your online personality, generally photographs, and re-makes social networking profiles for misleading purposes. A catfish is someone who needs to conceal what their identity is. They will take a gander at a person’s social media profile and take any data they need to make a phony persona. Here and there they will just take a person’s photographs and utilize counterfeit names and data; at different occasions they could take their name and individual data. It tends to be difficult to comprehend why a catfish does this however realizing they are conceivably harming a person’s online reputation.

Cyberbullying Laws in India

Despite the fact that cyberbullying in India has asserted more honest lives than in some other Asian nation in any case, it is stunning that there are no exceptional Anti-Cyber Bullying Laws in India yet. Various provisions of the previous rules, regulations and Acts cover the different types of cyberbullying. These incorporate some key provisions of the Information Technology Act, such as,

Sec.66A that deals with sending offensive messages through communication service, etc.
Sec.66C that deals with Identity Theft
Sec.66D that deals with Cheating by personation by utilizing the computer
Sec.66E that deals with Violation of privacy
Sec.67B that deals with Punishment for distributing or communicating of material delineating youngsters in any sexually explicitly act, and so on in electronic structure
Sec.72 that deals with Breach of confidentiality and privacy
Sec.503 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) that deals with sending threatening messages through email
Sec.509 of the IPC that deals with Word, signal, or act expected to humiliate the modesty of a lady
Sec.499 of the IPC that deals with sending defamatory messages through email
Sec.500 of the IPC that deals with Email Abuse

How to Deal with Cyberbullying and prevent it

In this digital era, where a youngster is encircled by different digital and online platforms, digital harassing has become inescapable. Along these lines, it is essential to manage and prevent cyberbullying around you.

One must know about the applications and digital media platforms that the youngster is utilizing. Uncommon consideration will likewise be offered to notice hints of initial cyberbullying along these lines paying special mind to an unexpected and impressive increment or lessening in your youngster’s utilization of a mobile, PC, or tablet, show of enthusiastic reactions, for example, pity, outrage or joy to the exercises on their gadget, stowing away of the gadget screen when others are close by.

In that event you should watch these admonition signs, you should converse with youngster, record his/her online exercises report the episode to the applicable specialists and support your kid through the excursion of defeating cyberbullying.


Author: Priyal Pandya, Law Student.

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